kale - she/her - vroid artist

commission status: closed

Terms of Service

by commissioning me, you are agreeing to these terms

my commissions are not first come first serve
i choose designs based on what i think best fits my style and ability

if i do not accept you at first, feel free to try again at another time!

i do not give refunds

i do accept payments

i will send you an invoice through PayPal and will allow up to 4 payments

i will not begin working until 25% (first payment) is paid

you will not receive the model until it is paid in full

you are not allowed to edit, redistribute, sell, copy, or alter any of my models

i do not provide full bases for this reason

all bases are cut up to prevent theft....and clipping

i only give bases/NSFW models to people i personally know

any texture/blend shape/model edits or updates i can provide for a small fee

even if you do not want to use the model, you are not permitted to redistribute or sell it

commissions may take up to 8 weeks depending on complexity
a rush fee will be added if you need the model within 2 weeks

i will send updates as i make progress on sections of the model (ex. hair, face, body, etc.)

feel free to ask for revisions while model is in progress

after receiving the model, you have 1 week to ask for minor revisions. any other revisions will have a fee

i own rights to the model and will showcase it as i please

you must credit me (eFroggy or link my twitter) for the model

do not claim my art as your own

featureswaist upfull body
custom textures
one outfit
one hairstyle
default expressions
added blendshapesXX
object toggle$5
custom expression$5
rushed order+50% of total

prices vary depending on complexity, this is just an estimate

i am learning how to create custom blend shapes and sculpt bases, if you are interested in being a test subject please let me know

if you have any questions, please contact me on either my twitter or my discord (froggy#0989)

logo is by adogus